Family Vision Care in Boston Heights, OH

At Lohman Eyecare Associates, we’re proud to offer comprehensive vision care in Boston Heights, OH, suitable for the entire family. Our highly skilled and fully licensed staff can assist you with caring for your eyes at every stage of your life, ranging from adolescence through seniority.

We emphasize healing and preventative treatment; we understand that eye care is an integral part of keeping the rest of your body healthy and we strive to promote wellness and overall wellbeing at our holistic eye care clinic.

Here are just some of the family eye care solutions offered at our offices:

  • Traditional eye care:

    We offer the full range of traditional eye care services, ranging from walk-in eye exams to contact exams, contact lens fittings and more. Our team is also more than capable of treating virtually any eye condition. Whether you’re in need of a new pair of bifocals or just want to check on the status of your vision, you can count on us.

  • Children’s eye care:

    Lohman Eyecare Associates also provides children eye care in Boston Heights, OH. Our knowledgeable professionals will work with your children throughout the course of their adolescence to ensure their eyes are developing correctly, and to establish a holistic course of treatment in case any early-onset vision problems do arise.

  • Disease treatment:

    There are a number of diseases that can infect eyes directly or manifest symptoms in the eye. If you’re experiencing abnormal vision or are experiencing pain or other symptoms, visit our clinic. Our certified eye care professionals are capable of treating everything from cataracts and other age-related problems, to glaucoma.

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